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Martin changes his life with Prospects help

10 June 2016

“I can honestly say that before I came to Prospects I couldn’t ever see myself in employment again.”

Before Prospects

Martin joined the Work Programme in March 2015 after being out of work for a year.  Martin was a carer for many years before becoming ill with depression. He had become very reclusive and was anxious around people.  Martin was concerned about attending Prospects Work Programme because he believed that Prospects would force him into a job as quickly as possible, as this was the impression he had when he was first told to attend.

What Prospects did

During the first meeting with his personal adviser, Liam, Martin learned Prospects would not push him into a job, but would work with him at his own pace to help him progress. Liam understood that Martin’s mental health issues were affecting his life and that it was essential any future employer would be supportive of Martin.

Together Martin and Liam created a CV and set up an account on the Universal Job Match system. After Martin revealed he was in debt Liam helped him complete a back to work calculation which showed how much better off Martin would be in work.

Throughout the year that Martin attended Prospects Liam emphasised the need for him to find a job that he wanted to stay in for a very long time and create a better way of life for himself.  Entering an unsupportive job could have resulted in Martin becoming mentally ill again, it was therefore critical to work at the right pace for Martin.

Outcomes and results

Martin is now in full time employment and has never felt better. He is working with disabled people. Martin says: “I’ve just received my first pay check from my employer and couldn’t be happier with how much better off I am. I was at rock bottom when I was sent to Prospects but with their help I now work 30 hours per week and plan to stay and work for this company now right up to retirement.  Working has already made a dramatic change to the social aspects of my life which I am most appreciative of.”
Martin added: “Before I met Liam I wouldn’t leave the house and it was hard enough getting the bus to Bridgwater for my appointments. Liam’s approach was exactly what I needed to help me progress. I would recommend the Work Programme to anyone who is unemployed and low on self esteem or confidence. They really have helped to change my life and I cannot thank them enough for helping me turn it around.”

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