Our Impact

Maureen creates a professional CV to help her get on to the career ladder

07 July 2017|Number of views (1406)

Maureen had good qualifications but she was unsure where to look for a job and she wanted an external source to look at her CV and help make it look more professional. 

Mark's skill levels and confidence grows

07 July 2017|Number of views (1260)

When Mark contacted an adviser, he was finishing a 9-month treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. 

Adrian's journey to employment

26 April 2017|Number of views (2402)

In the last year, the unemployment rate in Taunton has significantly dropped.

Zoe’s journey to employment

15 March 2017|Number of views (3336)

In the last decade, the unemployment rate in Cornwall has dropped by 50%.

Mary's* CV is back for employers to look at

“They have helped in so many ways, being on the Work Programme has been essential to the improvement my life.”

06 December 2016|Number of views (1788)

Mother of four, Mary*, previously worked in fashion as a stylist. She was contacted by Prospects after being unemployed for nearly two years.