Case Studies

Apprentice spotlight: Jas Brown, Offender Management

13 March 2015|Number of views (2103)
Prospects employs Apprentices across the company, and some stay on to become fulltime permanent members of staff.

Offender Support - I’m an ex-offender, would you employ me?

26 June 2013|Number of views (4319)
Although there will be less money around, law and order remains a key priority for the Government. The high profile Criminal Justice Management (CMJ) Conference set out the dilemmas facing policy makers and the needs of both victims of crime and offenders.

Offender Support - Helping Adam* after release from prison

* Name has been changed.

26 June 2013|Number of views (2555)
Prospects National Careers Service In Custody and In the Community teams work together to provide support to offenders in prison and after release.