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Emma, preparing for Ofsted

27 June 2013|Number of views (6201)

Emma, from Medway, was helped to prepare for her inspection by the Prospects Medway Early Year’s Team.

Sarah requires help with Ofsted

27 June 2013|Number of views (5043)

Sarah, a childminder from Medway, recently received childminding support, advice on paperwork and three support home visits from the Prospects team.

Offender Support - I’m an ex-offender, would you employ me?

26 June 2013|Number of views (7168)
Although there will be less money around, law and order remains a key priority for the Government. The high profile Criminal Justice Management (CMJ) Conference set out the dilemmas facing policy makers and the needs of both victims of crime and offenders.

Offender Support - Helping Adam* after release from prison

* Name has been changed.

26 June 2013|Number of views (4442)

Prospects National Careers Service In Custody and In the Community teams work together to provide support to offenders in prison and after release.

Careers & Employment -Tackling Unemployment in London, Case Study 8

26 June 2013|Number of views (3133)

Susan*, 47, from Plumstead came to Moving Forward after being finding herself unemployed twice in two years.

* Name has been changed.