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Gabbitas Guardians

12 May 2017

Gabbitas Guardians
The Student Support Services and Guardianship team based at Gabbitas are always in need of new families around the country to look after their boarding and day school pupils.

For boarding school pupils we need families to look after students for exeat weekends and half terms, this usually equates to two or three times per term. On some occasions students also need an overnight stay when they fly at the end and start of terms.

For day school pupils we need families to look after the students (who are always 16+) full time, the student will live with them for two years during term time. They return home for the long holidays of Easter, Summer and Christmas.

Looking after overseas students can be a very positive experience for a family, especially families with children. You get the opportunity to learn everything about a new culture, including language and food!

To become a Gabbitas Family you will undergo a checking process, we require a detailed application form to be completed, we request two references (one from your GP if possible) and a DBS check for all members of the family over 16 years of age. We then arrange for a Gabbitas representative to visit you and your family in your home so we can provide a written report, with pictures, to the families of our students.

One person who benefited from this service is Maria. Maria found that schooling in Japan did not suit her personality, she was artistic and unconventional and school seemed to be full of rules. Options in Japan were limited, and so Maria’s parents approached Gabbitas who worked with Maria and her family to consider boarding schools in the UK.

Maria found a school in Devon which provided everything she wanted, all that she needed was a guardian family in the local area. The chosen family understood the school system and spoke Japanese making it easier to converse and support Maria until her English improved. The support from her guardian family meant Maria became a fluent English speaker and made significant progress in the run up to her GCSEs.

During year 11 Maria met with Gabbitas and her family and decided to return to Japan and apply for the prestigious and highly competitive Musashino Art University. Maria gained a place and graduated earlier this year, she was immediately offered a Designer role at Sekisui House.
Maria continues to keep in touch with her guardian family and regularly sees them when she visits the UK. She was also delighted when her father arranged for her guardian father to fly out to be at her recent graduation ceremony in Tokyo.

Maria says: “My UK parents are the reason I am so successful now. If I had stayed in Japan I probably would not have finished high school, but my time at school here and with them has showed me how lucky I was. They inspired me to achieve my dream.”

The reimbursement varies depending on whether you become a guardian or host family with us.

If you are keen to find out more please email the team or call them on 0207 734 0161 and ask for the Student Support Services and Guardianship team.

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