Children & Young People

Each year, Prospects works with thousands of young people to help them transition into adulthood with the skills, knowledge and experience they need for the future.

Targeted support for young people

We work with many local authorities to provide targeted support to young people most in need, particularly those Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

This includes our work in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council, to provide the youth support service. The team works with approximately 6,000 vulnerable young people. The service targets specific groups of young people who are at risk of not making a successful transition into adulthood. The multi-disciplinary team comprises youth workers, family support, health and careers specialists working with police and probation officers, to deliver a number of statutory services. Acting as an integrated team, they intervene early to prevent issues escalating. Having these specialists within a single service means cases are managed far more effectively and there is access to a wide pool of expertise. More than 90% of young people supported by the team say it has made a difference to their lives.

We provide similar services for many other authorities including in London, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Coventry and WarwickshireWalsall, Oxfordshire, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Wakefield and services for care leavers in Calderdale.

Careers and Skills Events

Prospects organises careers and skills events across the UK which promote skills, vocational careers and training, job vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities. Click here to find out about our events

Who to contact

For further information:

Alison Williams
Director of Young People and Families

[T] 01452 426900
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Judith Denyer
Operations Director

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Paul Welch
Operations Director

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Yorkshire and the Humber

Jayne Vose
Regional Operations Director

[T] 01924 371579
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Based in our Wakefield office at Cross Street Chambers.

South West

Bill Robinson 
Operations Director 

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Prospects Events Team

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