Supporting young people in Walsall

Walsall Targeted IAG contract

Prospects has worked in Walsall for many years providing careers and support services to young people aged 13–19. We currently provide targeted information, advice and guidance (IAG) to young people in these age groups as part of Walsall Council’s integrated young people’s support services (IYPSS), working very closely with the council. Prospects' operations manager is part of the Council’s IYPSS internal management team in an innovative integrated arrangement. Our operations manager plays a key role in many children's and young people's groups particularly concerned with NEET reduction and participation in learning.

We provide support for post-16 NEET young people to move them into education, employment and training and for young people at risk of not participating in learning in schools. We work particularly with young people who are more vulnerable; for example young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, those in and leaving care, young offenders, homeless young people etc.

We also provide independent careers guidance, funded by schools, in the majority of schools in the borough.

Walsall Works is an apprenticeship programme funded by Walsall Council in partnership with Walsall College and Walsall Adult Community College. It supports 500 young people aged 16–24 into an apprenticeship with local small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

Prospects works with the council on a pre-apprenticeship element of the programme which support some of our young people who are not yet ready to undertake a full apprenticeship. This includes a number of harder-to-help individuals, some of whom are care leavers or young offenders. Faced with a broad range of barriers and issues, many of these young people find it difficult to access and sustain a place. In response to this, we second a member of our staff to Walsall Council to offer on-going Personal Adviser (PA) support to this group to help them complete their pre-apprenticeship and progress into employment.

Keep on Track is an additionally funded programme intended to reduce the numbers of young people leaving Year 11 who might become NEET.

Around 20 young people are selected in each of six targeted Walsall schools. Selection is based on the school and PA’s assessment of which individuals will not make a positive post-16 transition.

Those selected receive very regular one to one PA support from the January before they leave Year 11 and particularly over the key summer period when they have left school and are more likely to disengage. The support continues until the individual is settled in suitable post-16 provision. This project has been very successful. It has had a 90% success rate and has played a part in reducing overall NEET numbers in Walsall.

Youth Contract

Walsall Youth contract is delivered directly by Prospects. Two staff provide intensive mentoring for NEET young people who have previously had particular difficulty sustaining engagement in learning programmes.

LDD - Walsall

In Walsall, in agreement with the Local Authority, we deliver a Person Centred Approach to Transition for all learners with Learning Difficulties and /or Disabilities, (LDD).

The specialist LDD Team works with all students in the Authority's Special Schools. These cater for young people who have support needs in a range of schools:two schools for those with moderate learning difficulties(for Years 9-14), one school for those with severe and complex needs(also Years 9–14);and a school supporting young people(mainly boys) with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties(Years 9–11).

In mainstream schools advisers offer support to all students who have a Statement for Special Educational Needs in Years 9 and 11 and the final year of any post-16 study programme.

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Supporting young people in Walsall

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