Supporting young people in Wolverhampton

Prospects has operated in Wolverhampton since 1997 providing careers guidance, 'Connexions' and now targeted support services for young people aged 13 -19 years

Prospects is embedded in the city delivery infrastructure for young people and our expertise in supporting overall participation of young people and working with those who are most vulnerable is widely acknowledged. The operations manager attends all the major planning boards supporting young people. Our services currently focus on work with Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) young people to re-engage them, support in all schools for those at risk of NEET and work with vulnerable groups.

Wolverhampton PAYP contract

Prospects has managed the Positive Activities For Young People (PAYP) contract for at-risk children and young people in the city since 2010. Until April 2013 this contract covered both commissioning of holiday engagement activities and key working support for vulnerable children and young people. The activities element has now ceased but we continue to provide keyworking for children and their families.

Working with young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

Our Personal Advisers work in all the city special schools and units offering information, advice and careers guidance to young people from Year 8 through to their transition to post-16 provision and up to age 25. We adopt a Person Centred Planning (PCP) approach to our work and engage with young people and their families in creative ways to ensure that they are fully involved in planning their future pathways. We attend annual reviews and specifically prepare young people beforehand so that their voice is heard by all partners and service providers. We support young people in their decision making and advocate on their behalf with commissioners and providers to ensure that they are placed in the most appropriate provision.

It’s All About ME

A fresh approach to person centre thinking in Wolverhampton

Prospects was commissioned by the City Council to develop and test Person Centred Planning (PCP) approaches with schools and partners. This very successful project has involved all partners, especially parents and young people across the City, and covered age ranges from primary to late secondary. All have reflected on the powerful tools within PCP and the positive experiences they have had in using these tools within reviews in particular. The work is being used to support the local development of the Education Health and Social Care Plan.

Supporting young people in Alternative Education Provision across Wolverhampton

Prospects has been commissioned by Wolverhampton Secondary Schools to deliver enhanced careers guidance and support to those young people in Key Stage 4 who are not accessing education at school. Young people who are in community education provision are provided with intensive support and help to enable them to gain a positive place in further education, employment or training post 16. Prospects Personal Advisers work with the young person and their family to put in place strategies to keep them engaged and will mentor and support the young person well into their chosen programme so that they do not drop out of learning.

Families in Focus (Troubled Families)

In Wolverhampton Prospects is one of the agencies providing key worker support to Families in Focus. The families are those that will benefit from additional intensive support to improve their outcomes. The areas of support include job search activity, attendance at school for younger children and working on strategies to reduce anti social behaviour. David Cameron has recently announced the further extension and investment in this innovative and challenging work across England.

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Supporting young people in Wolverhampton

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