Customer comment

“Prospects are the education provider for all young people who are located at HMYOI Feltham. Education provision within a custodial setting is probably one of the most challenging areas for learning to take place. As the Governor with responsibility for managing the education contract, I am very happy to be able to work with our partners at Prospects. At HMYOI Feltham, we have worked hard to ensure that our partners are part of ‘team Feltham’ and are an integrated part of our service delivery model. The Prospects Education Manager, Leanne Forde-Nassey sits on our Senior Management Team and is therefore able to have an input in our overall strategy.

“What has impressed me most about Leanne and her team is their commitment to deliver high quality learning to some of the most challenging young people; many of whom have had very negative experiences of education in their communities. This kind of commitment requires a dogged determination to keep going in spite of setbacks and a realisation that many of our learners require multiple ‘chances’ to get them in the right place to engage with learning.

“Earlier this year, two teachers were recognised as ‘outstanding teachers’ in the national PLA awards, what was especially pleasing is that both teachers were nominated by learners. This really just demonstrates the commitment of the team to deliver high quality learning in a difficult environment. Under Leanne’s management, innovation has been allowed to flourish; with a ‘can do’ attitude being the norm and no learner being a lost cause. Leanne has introduced parent/learner events, which provide an opportunity for parents to become involved in their child’s education and to encourage them to achieve. There remains an understanding that some learners are not academically minded, so a range of more practical subjects are available to cater for the needs of everyone.

“Success in attaining qualifications at Feltham has increased massively in the past 12 month, which evidences that the Prospects team strive to encourage learners to achieve success and build upon self-confidence.”
Head of Reducing Reoffending at Feltham