Supply Chain Partners

Prospects works in partnership with a wide range of education, employment and training specialists, to enhance our offer to customers in:

  • Work Programme and similar welfare to work initiatives - working with unemployed people, enabling them to secure sustainable jobs
  • National Careers Service (NCS) - information, advice and guidance on learning and work to anyone over 19, with help to choose and enter careers
  • NCS offender services to people in prison and resettling in the community, to choose and secure positive destinations
  • European Social Fund programmes bringing unemployed people nearer the labour market, improving skills and employability, placing them in sustainable jobs

Prospects supports more than 500,000 customers per annum nationally and works with over 250 partner organisations delivering end to end and/or specialist support that helps our customers achieve their ambitions and overcome perceived and/or real barriers.

Our partners represent a mix of public, private and third sector organisation ranging from SMEs to Local Authorities. Our approach to supply chain management accords to the Merlin Standard ensuring that we encourage excellence and fair treatment to support the development of healthy, high performing supply chains which we demonstrate through open, honest and transparent engagement encouraging innovation and collaboration.

We regularly seek new partners to help us deliver particular services and to build upon the skills, experience and local knowledge to continuously improve our customers’ experience and achievements. Becoming a partner provides being part of a dynamic and innovative team sharing common values, access to funding and development opportunities and championing sustainability and social responsibility.

If you wish to become a Prospects partner, complete the generic Expression of Interest form you can download here.

Please save your Expression of Interest form on your local drive before you begin completing your details, using the SAVE AS function, naming your document using the format ‘yourorganisationnameProspectsEOI’.

As you work please continue to use the SAVE AS function and select REPLACE EXISTING FILE ‘Yes’.

When completed please email your EoI to