Customer Stories

London Enterprise Adviser Toolkit Launch

25 October 2016|Number of views (6768)
Prospects National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda colleagues, Team London, ran this event for enterprise advisers. The event focussed on a toolkit launch and careers exhibition

The National Careers Service Inspires Students at The John Roan School

25 October 2016|Number of views (7185)
The National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda supported an interview skills day attended by employers and other professionals located in south east London and the borough of Greenwich.

Prospects helps Pete* gain work after volunteering

“I was in a very dark place two years ago, now I am in full time employment. Workplace bullying destroyed my confidence but the Work Programme turned my life around. My world has changed.”

25 October 2016|Number of views (7811)

Pete* was bullied in his last job as a warehouse picker. As a consequence, he lost confidence in his own abilities and was out of work for three years, joining the Work Programme in 2014.

Kegan* learns how to use his transferrable skills to get a job while on probation

"The National Careers Service has enabled me to gain employment and better equipped me to have the confidence to apply for roles."

17 October 2016|Number of views (7479)
Kegan* was unemployed after servicing a sentence in prison. He was referred to the National Careers Service by his probation manager in Willesdon.

Sal has interviews within eight weeks of release from prison

"These are good people and more importantly they understand the difficulties of securing employment once you have a criminal record."

17 October 2016|Number of views (7501)

Sal first contacted the National Careers Service In Custody service. Soon after his release from prison he made contact again with the National Careers Service in community.