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Merlin Standard Re-assessment

15 February 2016

Prospects will be re-assessed against the Merlin Standard week commencing 6 June 2016.

The assessors will engage with a pre-selection of past, present and potential (organisations that we are in negotiations with) supply chain partners at all levels from Tier 1 end to end providers, Tier 2 specialist providers delivering parts of the service under contract or Service Level Agreement (SLA), Tier 3 organisations delivering one-off support activities and Tier 4 organisations that have looser connections with the services provided, for example organisations that we may refer customers to for additional support. Included in the assessment this year will be any partners or subcontractors of the Tier 1 end to end providers that are supporting the delivery contracted from Prospects.

All supply chain partners will be asked by Assessment Services to complete an on-line survey, we anticipate that this request will go out to partners from week commencing 4 April. We would encourage you to participate in this activity.

Prior to the start of the assessment a schedule of activity will be agreed by the Lead Assessor at which time they will have identified a range of partners they will want to talk to. This will be a mix of face to face discussions, focus groups and telephone conversations. Your local supply chain manger will co-ordinate times and dates with those selected. We anticipate this schedule will be available from the second week of May.

Your local supply chain managers will keep partners up to date with the process as it unfolds.

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