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Prospects help Jacob* focus on his new future

“My confidence has grown, I now have personal aspirations.”

15 February 2017

Before Prospects

16 year old Jacob* was not in education, employment or training (NEET). Jacob under achieved in his GCSEs he was mixing with a crowd of young males who were engaging in risky behaviour. Jacob was not taking part in any positive learning activities, but had considered college earlier in the year. Due to his negative experience in the final year of his GCSEs he did not finish his college application.

Jacob admitted he had low self-confidence, often affecting him when he tried starting anything new. Jacob came to Prospects for support because he wanted to move forward, but was unsure how to gain further skills without having to return to a formal learning environment, such as college.

Jacob also had no means of paying for transport to opportunities outside of Loughborough, making it more difficult for him and impacting on his motivation and will to commit to things.

What Prospects Did

Jacob was interested in motor vehicle training. He joined Improve your Prospects and was offered vocational learning with a motor vehicle training provider. The training provider offered learning in a less formal setting. Improve your Prospects covered the cost of transport to and from the provider, enabling him to attend 


To help Jacob overcome his concerns about starting something new he was able to take part in a taster session before committing to the programme. This taster enabled him to experience the type of environment he would be learning in, this helped his final decision to take part.  

 During the middle of the programme, Jacob was at risk of losing his place on the course due to commitment issues. However, through meeting with him regularly for reviews and contacting him on a weekly basis to work through any issues he was having, Improve your Prospects were able to work on motivation levels enabling him to complete the 12 week programme and achieve the full award.


Since taking part and completing the course Jacob’s confidence has grown. He has developed personal aspirations and is now interested in continuing learning to improve his literacy and numeracy. Jacob is considering doing this in a formal educational setting. He is also considering courses through GoLearn, which offer smaller group sizes. 

Jacob has achieved his Level 1 Motor Vehicle Award and this has confirmed his desire to focus on his goal of embarking on a career within the motor vehicle industry.

*Not his real name.

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