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Skills Scotland Edinburgh - Pilrigg School

09 July 2015

Skills Scotland Edinburgh - Pilrigg School

Before Prospects

A trip to Skills Scotland Edinburgh for students from Pilrigg Park.

The students from Pilrigg were mostly aged 17 and in S5, some had visited Skills Scotland in previous years.

What Prospects did

The students from Pilrigg were mixed ability with LDD/SEND, aged 17 and in S5.

The part of the event they enjoyed most overwhelmingly was the interactivity. Students commented about the best bits of the event being "the trying" and "colleges, army, beauty, food and drink" stands which had the highest concentration of hands-on activities.

One of the students was fascinated by the NHS exhibits and spoke to the team on the stand about careers within the NHS, and was delighted to be given information about working in hospitals and portering roles.

Outcomes and results

They found the staff at the stands very nice and friendly and their group leader, Keith Mackay commented that "you could watch their confidence grow as they talked to more and more people and interacted with people on the stands."

Pilrigg's students proved that the Skills Scotland events are appropriate for all abilities and ambitions, benefiting and inspiring young people.

The group wanted their school to bring students in 2015.

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