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Student achieves his dreams

12 July 2017

Student achieves his dreams

Muhammed, a Year 11 student at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School in Bradford, dreamed of working in the motor industry and with Prospects help he has made his dream a reality.

Having long held a dream to work in the motor industry, Muhammed came to Prospects for help in applying for an Apprenticeship with Aston Martin in Warwickshire. Muhammed worked with an adviser who supported him to improve his CV and applied for the position. Despite strong competition Muyhammed was lucky enough to go through to the assessment day.

Before going to the assesment day, his adviser worked with Muhammed to prepare him for what was going to be an intense and competitive process. Together they considered the different group scenarios he might encounter, and worked through potential questions he might be asked. One area they talked about was the importance of communication and negotiation skills, and how he should best articulate his points. They also looked at the Aston Martin website to identify their values and ethos, and discussed how his craft work would fit in with these.

Muhammed performed very well at the assessment day and secured a follow up interview.

For the interview, Prospects continued to support Muhammed and rehearsed and prepared strategies to best answer potential questions. One area of concern that Aston Martin had expressed was Muhammed's need to relocate so far from home. To overome this Muhammed and his adviser researched accommodation and travel from nearby towns. In this way, Muhammed could prove that he was committed to move and had done his research to be ready for this.

As a result, Muhammed gained a place on the prestigious Apprenticeship with Aston Martin.  He is very excited and staff at his school were delighted with the support Prospects had given to him. His story was highlighted in local newspapers and Muhammed is now putting plans in motion for his move to Warwickshire in readiness to begin his Apprenticeship.

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